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Meet Oni Hiaru

I thought some of my readers might like to meet Oni Hiaru, a Carib medicine woman who is a major character in my trilogy, The Jacinta Joseph Caribbean Adventures. Oni is a wise woman. In this excerpt, Oni is talking to my detective Jacinta "JJ" Joseph. As the scene...

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What does the future look like for women?

I wrote a novel called Millennium 3. The genesis of the novel was a question: I wondered what our world would look like if it followed the principles of the Bahá'í Faith, one of which is the equality of women and men. What if The Golden Rule pervaded every decision at...

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Thought-provoking Interviews on Feminism

Emma Watson and Caitlin Moran have produced a series of short videos that discuss the history and current status of women in the world. Great stuff! Emma Watson is a British actress (Harry Potter) who is the UN Women's Ambassador. Caitlin Moran is a British author and...

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Meryl Streep Talks about Feminine Firsts

At the Democratic National Convention, Meryl Streep gave a short, but inspiring, talk on the difficulty of being the first woman to do anything. In her opening remarks, she said, "What does it take to be the first female anything? ... It takes grit and it takes...

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The Superiority of The Feminine

The feminine qualities of compassion and cooperation, in which women excel, are more in tune with the rapid evolution of the planet's consciousness than the aggressive, competitive qualities of men. The world's consciousness has changed a great deal in the last...

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The Quality of Compassion

For 10,000 years, human history has been about men, and their wars. A little about art and religion was thrown in, but not much. In the 19th century, that all changed. The qualities of compassion and cooperation, in which women excel, are more in tune with the rapid...

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The Contributions of Women: past and future

Written history tends to ignore the many contributions of women scientists and inventors. The next time you turn on the heat in your car on a cold winter morning, you can thank a woman, Margaret Wilcox. Your windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson. Other...

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Female Genital Mutilation and Other Sins

Around the world, many cultures have demonstrated that they believe men to be superior, even virtuous, while women are evil. Some tribes in Africa and Asia slice off the sensitive parts of the genitalia of young girls. The practice, known as Female Genital Mutilation...

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Gender Equity: A National Security Issue

The equality of women is more than a moral issue affecting half the population of the planet. Because the issue is largely ignored, the unheard voice of women is a national security issue that endangers every country. The Universal House of Justice wrote, in 1985: The...

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Are you waiting for Gender Equity?

If women wait for men to grant them gender equity, they will still be waiting 10,000 years from now. It is up to women to take the initiative, to educate themselves and demand equity. One issue that is holding the world back from embracing gender equality is the...

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I'm excited about what will happen to our planet over the next 1000 years. Women will be behind most of the good things. I'm the father of three wonderful women, the grandfather of one woman, and the great-grandfather of a little girl who will grow up in a world that women will help to shape. I'm delighted to be part of the conversation as the planet evolves into one of compassion and equity.


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