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The Poetry of Mahvash Sabet

Mahvash Sabet is free now. It takes a special person to weather ten years of torture in an Iranian prison. Mahvash Sabet was a teacher and principal who was fired for being a Bahá'í. Then she helped start an online school because Bahá'í students were not allowed to...

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A 7-year-old Girl and Your Heartbeat

If you ever wondered how the electrical signals make your heart beat, let this young lady explain it to you. Amoy Antunet wants to be a neuroscientist or a neurosurgeon. She is passionately interested in science.   Ms. Antunet has several videos on YouTube that...

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Why Women Succeed in Business

Dottie DeHart published a fascinating article in in which she lists several reasons why women succeed. We all know that women have advantages over their male counterparts, but I hadn't seen them so clearly enumerated before. With colleges and...

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GRLZ Radio: a fresh voice

I was so excited to read about this new radio station--GRLZ--in the Fall 2017 issue of YES! magazine. See or I was pleased that GRLZradio has a blog where individual young women write about their lives....

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The Netherlands Fights Sex Trafficking in India

What could be worse than being a child who is forced into a brothel? Perhaps being freed from the brothel but then treated as a criminal by the police, by your village, and even by your family. A group in the Netherlands decided to take action by creating and funding...

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What Happens When Women Work?

This list was taken from a UN report on the financial empowerment of women.  When more women work, economies grow. An increase in female labour force participation—or a reduction in the gap between women’s and men’s labour force participation—results in faster...

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Julia Ward Howe Proclamation 1870

I just learned of this proclamation yesterday. What a great idea!—assemble women so that they can chart a course to world peace. What the men have been doing for the last 10,000 years hasn't worked. Let's give women ten millennia and see what they can accomplish. They...

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Who Gave Men the Right to Give Rights?

At some point in history, a man decided that he had the right to grant, or deny, women equal rights. Some other men thought, "Hey! That's a great idea!" Then they started 10,000 years of wars and misogyny. It's time to return to a world where women have an equal say....

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Male vs Female Sexuality

Yesterday, I had an interesting chat with my friend, Kym McBride. She made the comment that women had various levels or gradations of love, whereas men seems to be more simplistic, either in-love or not. I wondered if that were true. I'm sure that there are macho guys...

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